Monday, September 10, 2012

The changing seasons

This morning I looked at the extended forecast, cooler days and nights ahead. The season is beginning to change. It doesn’t matter that I’m not ready, not to what happens out there. Fall pulls into the farm bringing with it cool mornings, falling leaves and soon the sweet smell of wood fire will hang in the morning air, baking pies and warm milk, garlic planting, sweaters and long pants.
I’m looking forward to it. There won’t be less work, at least not much but the pace will be a little different. But it is time to think about getting ready; cutting wood, just buckling the place up. Finishing up projects etc. Who knows what the fall and winter will offer us, but in our case it’s better to be prepared for the worst.

This will be a very busy week on the farm. Mostly in the garden getting the greenhouses prepared for planting, checking seedlings out in the field making sure they have a good germination rate (it did get up to over 103 last week) and replant if needed. Planting was difficult without the seeder I had borrowed from a friend. I really really need to but one for myself. I’m just trying to make sure I can afford to part with the $600 the thing costs. I will absolutely have to have it by next spring so I might as well bite the bullet and try to find some extra work to help pay for it.

After the farm table dinners this weekend I did manage to get a little rest, not enough as I would have liked but I was more functional yesterday than I was Saturday after a 18 hour day of going at break neck speed. That needs to be avoided at all costs. Not very fun or healthy. Speaking of health, I’m feeling somewhat better, still not 100% but better. I stayed up late reading Joy Harjo’s memoir, Crazy Brave. Had a hard time putting it down, so I’m a little tired today hopefully I can sneak a nap in.

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