Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a star is born ?


Yea I don't think so! but this is what things looked like before my class yesterday. I think the taping went well. Although I was very nervous and had a hard time relaxing. Any major flops I've been told can be edited out. So we'll see. what a cool opportunity though. Hopefully I don't suck too bad!

This Land TV is coming out this morning. they should be here in about 30 minututes to film us milking the goats, I'm sure the goats will do fine. I am actually going to take a shower and do my hair that will be a first. The goats wont recognize me without bed head and coffee breath. Ha! oh gosh!

So just when you think everything is falling apart something turns out beautifully. The PTO on the tractor started to work. No doctors appointment needed for big red and I managed to get beds tilled up and the area where the third greenhouse is going to go ready for action. whew! that was close.

Sing it with me now!     "Ohhhhh.... its a beautiful morning, Oh its a beautiful day! (my sister would add something obscene) Everything's going my way"!!!!!

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