Monday, June 18, 2012

getting started

Here I am again hitting the blog. Its so hard to be consistent about anything these days. The farm is doing extremely well, but its demanding every second of every day. Its summer and I guess I'm going to take that as a good sign. If I had time to write as much as I wanted to I probably wouldn't have the beautiful breakfast I'm eating right now. Summer regardless of the heat is a glorious time. This year has been more lovely then I can remember, warm sunny days, cool nights, Perfect weather for the garden! oh darlin' we don't even need to think about last year.

Each morning just as I'm sipping my first cup of coffee I'm opening up my journal. First comes the current weather, temp, time. Then the forecast for the day and then yesterdays temp and weather. For the last several weeks the first words I've put on the page is "another glorious morning". I try to hold the sounds and the very first signs of light as long as I can. I've been waking up each morning with a this sense of excitement/anxiety. I'm excited for the work ahead but I'm anxious that I may not get all that I need to, done. The truth is I wont. I already know this. But I still go through talking myself down from the ledge. Its okay I tell myself. Do what you can and enjoy all of it.

This year has been more pleasurable for me on many levels. The work load is reduced but its more of my state of mind. I can, and sometimes do, with the most minimal things on the list get overwhelmed into a frenzy. Not so much these days and its only because I wont let myself. I stop and think. Am I over reacting? for the most part.... yea.

Sundays have become truly a day of rest. There are still goats to milk and chickens to feed and eggs to wash but hard labor is set aside for naps and reading, and laundry and a little cleaning and I consider this a day of rest no matter what. In my past life as a city girl, I might wake up at ten, rent a slew of movies lay on the couch all day. Oh my.... I cant even imagine that anymore. I wish I would have relished in it more been like ohhhhh look at me I haven't moved off this couch in five hours! but instead I didn't think much about it at all. I took a two hour nap yesterday and couldn't quit bragging to myself. I took a nap a real nap and I slept. wow!!!

So in spite of having a ginormous list of things to do I'm sticking to the plan. Monday is admin day... returning phone calls, e-mails and making sure I have a dollar to my name.There will be cleaning and cheese making, but probably no nap.