Saturday, September 15, 2012

grey day

Beautiful September days seem to be calling to everyone. The goats, chickens, even the llamas all seem to be loving this cool weather! they are so full of energy and delight. Its impossible not to join in the celebration. Yesterday and the day before we received about an inch and a half of much needed rain. Its amazing to me how much I look forward to rain now. Back in Seattle rain is just a normal part of living in that part of the world but when I go back and visit now I can really appreciate the lushness. The huge towering pines, the thousands of different mosses and fungi, the wetness. I took it for granted.

Its a grey day, the goats are cuddled up in the barn, munching on hay. Its not raining but its cool and cloudy and they are not much different than me in wanting to sink into the day. From the kitchen window I can watch them as I work to prepare for tonight's dinner. They see me and sometimes call out a little  "Heeeeyyy!" I wave.

The garden has come alive again, the tomato plants are now loaded with blossoms, and the seeds I planted have spouted and look like a green blanket has been laid over the beds. We're in for a cooler week ahead so lots of good out side work can be done. I'll be working on more fall beds and getting the ground ready for the third greenhouse. Tonight I cook dinner for 36 guests. Life is good.

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