Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finding quiet

A farm cam be a really noisy place. Roosters crowing, dogs barking, life moving all around. Its hard sometimes to find a quiet place. This morning like many mornings I try to sit in meditation for about 20 minutes. Sometimes I'm lucky and at 5:30am all is quiet but most of the time its when the rest of the farm is waking up too. Bella the cat might be meowing outside, and the dogs are scratching, biting, chewing, eating and generally making really annoying sounds, the roosters starting their mornings call outs. Geez how a girl supposed to meditate?

But I sit any way, and try to become the sound. I learned to do this when I was very young at the yoga studio my aunt used to drag me to at 13. The studio was near a huge construction site so we learned to concentrate on the sounds as part of our meditation practice. It worked. Since then rarely do sounds like that bother me. But the dogs seem pretty motivated to get my attention in various ways, so this morning I gave up. I came to the house to sit. Left the dogs in the yurt and I was absolutely amazed how quiet it is here. So I'll now move my morning sit to the house. afternoon and evening sits can stay in the yurt. Finally I've got this worked out!

Last night we got some much needed rain. Some how we just cant find time to fix the leak in our yurt roof so there was the constant drip. I was too damn  tired to do a thing about it so instead I scolded myself for not just getting it done. Sometimes you just cant wait to coordinate things with another person you have to suck it up and git er done. This has been going on for a while. We've even had to throw out a really nice rug because of mold. So this projct just jumped to the top of the priority list.

October is just around the corner and I'm trying to stay calm about all the winter prep I have not done yet. There is wood to be cut, hay to put up, alfalfa to pick up and the ten thousand other things that will make winter more habitable. But this is how it goes sometimes and I know I will eventually get there but just not today. You might hear a little angst in this post and yes I am feeling it. So I'm just trying to breath and not get to wound up about things I just cant control. So no matter the craziness farm life offers I'll try to find the quiet in all this noise as best I can.

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