Tuesday, September 11, 2012


9/11, today I’m reminded of impermanence, and no matter how I try to keep things the same, each breathing moment will be different from the last and the next.  None of this I can take for granted. This day is a monumental example for the entire nation, not that there is evil in the world but that each day is the most precious gift available to us, that our place in the world, our words our actions, who we love who we hate all make a difference. I’ve come to know that within the cavern of our very small foot print if we leave something good, something kind, it will continue to evolve and change and enlarge. And the same is true with bigotry, fear, hate, and so on. What do I want to leave behind in my footstep, when I no longer walk on this earth?

This morning I check the weather, sip my coffee, and stare at the morning sky absorbing the bright stars. I plan my day, I prioritize, I make plans.  What a privilege. This I know. Today I will be working on the greenhouses, getting them ready to plant. I’ll be pulling thick stemmed weeds, hoeing Bermuda grass, softening the soil.  I’ll be tending to tender seedlings of cauliflower and planting seeds of Kohl rabi. I don’t think I’ll see any people after Linda leaves for work so I’ll work in silence listening to the farm songs of clucking hens, wind through leaves, the traffic on the highway, and  my footsteps through the soil.

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