Wednesday, September 12, 2012

morning walks

Each morning I have been taking a short walk, just to get my juices flowing. There is so much green right now that I cant walk by a weed or a blade of grass with out thinking, ooh the goats would love this. So I let them out and they walk with me. I only walk about a mile total and its a slow go as we stop and investigate the delectables. Fallen persimmons have been the big hit, so we linger a bit under the persimmon trees whose branches are bending with the weight of so much fruit. Even though I have too much to do I take my time, I try not to rush. But finally the walk is complete and were are back in our yard.

I leave the goats out and let them wander and forage for the rest of the day, they go back in their yard to get water (they don't drink from the pond for whatever reason), and I go about my day keeping an eye that they dont go wondering down the road. But they stay along the path we have walked going back to prime places to eat, and by evening chore time they are back ready for hay and to be milked. So far this situation has worked out pretty good and I've been so pleased with the peacefulness of the whole activity.

Breeding time has officially started at least for the goats and sheep. It hasn't started for me and wont until the end of November this is so kidding doesn't interfere with planting and I can focus on these two crucially important things one at a time. Both need my attention and I've finally figured out that I can control this to a certain degree. But the smell of love is in the air and the bucks are peeing on their faces. The smell is pretty strong but its like music to my nose. This is how things continue.

My days are spent now getting the greenhouses ready to plant. They are weedy and its taken a lot of work but in a few days they will be ready to roll. My third green house should be here by the end of the week. This is pretty exciting. I love working the greenhouses on winter days. I have good germination out in the field so now its a matter of staying on top of pests and watering. lots of things to focus on.

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