Wednesday, September 5, 2012

just a normal day

I woke up this morning to a gentle light rain pitter pattering on the roof of the yurt, what a lovely sound that is. A sound that brings a deep excitement of relief. I think of the dry earth reaching out to grab every drop. It was gone as quick as it came, only just wetting the blades of grass in wanting.
I’ve had the irrigation tape on for a steady 24 hours hoping for good coverage for the seeds I planted last Wednesday. Yesterday there was some germination and today I should hopefully see more. This time is always a little nerve wracking for me. Questions like did the seeder work? Pop up. Because the only way to tell if the seeder is working is by the quantity of seeds left after planting a row. Sometimes it’s hit or miss. Some seeds might get stuck in the hopper causing a backup. I can usually hear this, it starts sounding like I’m grinding coffee by hand. But there are times when I get to the end of a row and realize one hopper is still half full and the others empty. Not a good sign.

Good seeders cost good money and I have to say they are worth it. Four years ago I spent almost $600 on a six row seeder. It has saved me many hours. The one row seeder I want is also about $600. A friend loaned me hers so I could try it out see if it was worth the investment and oh my what a beautiful thing. It took me less than half the time planting as it had before when I was using a cheap seeder that was spotty at best and extremely frustrating. I’ve learned not to skimp on my tools. It makes sense, I wouldn’t buy a knife that couldn’t hold up to use in a professional manner.

The next few days it’s all about watering, taking care of seedlings and getting ready for farm table dinners this weekend. Time to get the place cleaned up. At least it’s a little greener now since the rain last week.

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