Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Things come up

Spring has most definitely sprung on the farm, typical warm days and cool frosty mornings for this part of Oklahoma. Everything is going great on the inside. I feel alive, rested and inspired, things couldn’t be better that is except for: virtually no germination on the spinach beds, poor germination on the beets and a rabbit or some critter has eaten ¼ of a bed of broccoli and to top it off the tractor has been in the shop now for two weeks. I’m officially behind. What does this mean? Mostly that I will miss an entire succession of my spring plantings and go right to summer. It means spring will be light and we’ll have to put more of our energy into summer and fall. But it could be worse.  I work hard on not getting stuck in the problems. 

Things come up, and when they do I have to decide right then and there, how I’m going to spin this to myself. Am I going to blame, rant at the sky, default to karma, or am I going to let things be as they are and try to make the best out of an unfortunate occurrence.  I’ve gone back and forth on it really.  Some moments I handle things better than others.  This morning was one of those times I was able to do pretty well, I decided to go for an early very brisk walk and it helped. Half way through, an idea sprung into my head. I’ll re-plant!  Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it. It’s not desirable but it’s a solution. 

I’ll get through it with long brisk walks and humor.