Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good morning sunshine!

Its a glorious day here on the farm. There was a bit of a rough start but hopefully the rest of the day will only get better. Jai is home and doing well, maybe too well. He is on limited movement. He has the degenerative disc disorder that dachshunds tend to get. Only whats baffling is he is only three years old. But its bed rest for him. Unfortunately he doesn't know this and took his second dive bomb off the bed. Ugh both of our stomachs just sank. So the boy cant be trusted and seems to be feeling a bit like his old self. No more being up on the bed for him.

Today will be another full day in the field. I took this picture this morning. I'm feeling mighty good about fall prospects. Soon to put the third greenhouse up and start up for the winter harvest.

Even if you cant see the sun today, rest assure its still there. Have a great day!