Friday, September 14, 2012

Guest chef tonight at the farm

This is the beautiful Chef Amanda Simcoe. She is also known around T-town as the Cheese Wench and is the co-host of a radio show called OK Foodie. This picture was taken last spring on a foraging walk we did with Jackie Dill for our "Found and Foraged" dinner back in April. Amanda came out to interview Jackie for the show and helped us forage for the dinner. It was a wonderful day one that will remain in my memory of really great times!

Well she's back, and tonight is her show, the chef. I've harvested, shopped at the farmers market and procured an amazing array of vegetables. She likes pork so I have pig thawed and ready for her to work her magic with. In a few hours she'll scratch out a menu and we'll get to work cutting, chopping,  getting the smoker ready. Now that my friend, sounds like a great day! I mean seriously do you have any idea how exciting this is for me. Okay fine, well here is how I look at it. A round head (human) being extremely creative in my kitchen. I've been cooking for a very long time but I'm still learning new tricks, gaining new ideas, always.

Some times I feel isolated and alone in my trade. When you work in a restaurant you gain knowledge and inspiration by the watching the folks around you. There is an element of a team but also drive to create the best special. There are a lot of very creative people in the world. I dont want to go back to the restaurant biz I'm pretty happy where I am at, but I really value time I get to work with other creative chefs. Jennifer my sous chef/neighbor/ and friend has been a dream. Not only is she creative have a eye for beauty and tongue for flavor she brings her unique experience. I am one lucky girl.

So we have a full hose tonight. The temps are going to be cooler so it should be just magical.

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