Thursday, January 28, 2010

The winter storm is here. I’m watching it from the kitchen table with a cup of chai masala and the taste of fresh baked coffee cake still on my tongue. I wait. It’s taken me the better part of two days to prepare for this storm. The original forecast was for ice and then snow, but now they say we’ll get mostly ice and a little snow. We’re prepared and expecting to lose our power, we’ve filled up gallons and gallons of water. I’ve got candles and lanterns in place ready to put forth their warm glow. Bread is rising on the bench. The sheep and goats are hunkered down in the barn safe and sound. I’m celebrating hot water so I’ve cleaned the bathroom, washed all of the dishes and took a very hot and very long shower with pure relish, I haven’t been this clean in months.

Folks in Tulsa are reporting brigades of line workers waiting and ready for downed power lines and utter chaos. Many are remembering the last ice storm and the length of time thousands were without power. This time will surely be different. I’m looking out at ice capped cedars and silver branches stretched down in a beautiful bow. Long gold grasses swayed over slightly, frozen in place and the power line under a medium sized branch that from last inspection minutes ago is not showing any signs of failing. Any minute now however, darkness. Candle light, propane camp stove and cheese burgers, spinach salad and red wine. Sleep under thick covers, dogs entwined, warming feet and legs. Or maybe it will be just like any other night, the same but without the buckets and buckets of water and the camp stove.


Paula said...

Glad you (and we!) still have power. Hope that remains the case. Take care and stay warm!

Lisa said...

Thanks and yea me too. we've been pretty lucky so far. may have dodged this one.