Tuesday, January 5, 2010

High Alert

Just checked the weather for the first time this morning, and I now consider myself warned. Temperatures will be dipping down to 0 late in the week not to mention a 50% chance of snow with 30+mpr winds Wednesday evening. I’m on high alert folks, maybe wound a little tight.

Waters filled, tank warmer on
Wind block in barn adequate
Hose rolled up and not frozen
Fresh bedding in the barn
Kerosene in the milk barn (so I can stay warm while I milk)
Propane bottles for lantern
Water buckets filled in case we lose power
Candles and lamp oil
Plenty of hay down from the hay barn
Plenty of grain
What else???????
Electric bill paid
Enough propane
Bread rising
Cocoa brewing
Carhartts warming

All of the animals seem to be doing great, there barn is completely closed off in the north and west and with an afternoon of sun they were all just soaking it up. It was a beautiful sight! I’ve had to feed an unusually high amount of hay which also helps keep them warm due to the fermentation in the rumen. When I went to check on them last night it was pretty toasty. 30 animals make some good heat!
Next week will probably be pretty nice with temps coming up into the upper 30 and 40’s I’m looking forward to this being some good fence mending weather.

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nanc said...

Gosh, girl, you are further along than I am. I'm going to start up the tractor and put out hay today, and tomorrow, I think I'm going to shift the ewes to a more sheltered spot. We postponed shearing for 2 weeks, so that's taken a load off my mind. Here's to *lots* of hot cocoa!