Sunday, January 17, 2010

A path through the forest

Some times when I am really stuck and I cant figure out what to do. Maybe with an animal or a financial situation. I try to stop, close my eyes and visualize a thick forest. In the visualization I turn a full circle until I spot the "path". When I do, I walk it. I observe the leaves on the forest floor, I stop and touch the moss and I try to smell the musky damp leaves, grass, wet bark. I try to focus on the path. At the end of the path there is a bench, its like a park bench and its painted green. I sit. There is someone sitting next to me. A real gentle peaceful quiet person and she asks me what on my mind. So I tell her. Sometimes she's silent and sometimes she gives me her two cents. Its always un-passionate and logical, matter of fact kind of way.

I know I'm talking to myself. A part of myself that isn't afraid to tell me the truth or the things I don't want to hear. I listen and I take it to heart and when I'm ready. When I've sucked in as much of the lush forest I can, I get up and take the follow path back home.

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