Friday, January 15, 2010

The good fight

I slept late today, not for any good reason. Just did. I walked into the kitchen to pour some coffee and I was awe struck by the thick white fog and how it seemed to be hugging the farm. The reflection off the pond was beautiful and eerie, I stopped and stared for a while looking for a message.

First thing to do is check on the Sheep. She’s still alive. She’s still down but she is responsive and takes whatever I give her by mouth. She is fighting the good fight. She no longer believes I’m there to harm her so she lets me treat her and hold her head in my lap and rub her cheek and talk to her. She’s calm, she wants very badly to get up but is too week. Today I’ll keep to the treatment plan, more nutri- drench, Vit. B, electrolyte water and I’ll add yogurt throughout the day. I collected a stool sample I’ll bring to the vet today and maybe get some answers but it’s still a mystery to what is really going on but suspicions are high in the milk fever area but nothing is for sure.

I had to give my sick sheep friend a companion last night a very large ewe obviously with triplets inside and ready to lamb any moment. She’s a bit week and might need assistance lambing so I’ve got her in a nice pen where she can’t run too far from me when and if she does need help. I felt the lambs move inside her, It was really freaky, I’ve never felt that before and I’ve been involved in numerous kiddings and lambing so I called the Vet. What do I do? She just laughed, “well…you wait for her to go into labor”. Check her every hour.
Why does this seem like my very first time doing this?
Off to fight the good fight. and fencing projects too.

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