Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ice storm

Yep, they finally said it. NPR's local weather reported an expected ice storm coming in Wednesday night. Yesterday they were just saying we were expecting sleet turning to snow, "expect possible power outages and bad driving conditions". They hadn't mentioned the big "I" word. The last ice storm left me and hundreds of people with out power for weeks, so the "I" word makes some of us a little jumpy. I'm pretty ready for it. Finishing the last touches tonight when I get home from OSU.

One of the new ewes had two bouncing baby lambs yesterday. She had a little trouble but Kasey and I were there to help her out. A boy and a girl. Checked on everyone several times last night and all looks well. One more is expected to pop any minute. Pascal our Llama loves lambs and is so ready to watch over them.


nanc said...

Tell me about it! This forecast gets worse with every release. That's the last time I move a shearing date... we'd have been better off shearing on the 9th of Jan as originally planned! Got your generator gassed up yet?

Lisa said...

I really need to buy a generater.
Good luck.