Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Camera, how do I begin to say I'm sorry

For those of you who have chickens; have you ever gone into the coup and forgot the egg basket and thought, oh I'll just put what I can in my pockets and carry the rest into the house? Then minutes or hours later you put you hand in you pockets to warm them from the bitter cold and realized you left an egg in your pocket and now its cracked and cold and wet and totally sticky. EEEEWWWWW!!!!! I have to admit I've done this on more than one occasion. This time however my camera was in said pocket. Yea, bet ya haven't done that have ya.

After quite a bit of wiping I thought it best to take out all of the moving parts and let it dry. It is really hard to clean egg off a camera let me tell you. So light a candle for it and pray it survives. I'm going to work on it again this morning. What makes things worse is its a new camera and it was a gift from my beloved. So if I may so request of you; burn a stick, incense, candle, dance, sing and pray that I didn't totally f-this up.


Sue said...

I have a lot of camera stories myself. One day I thought I had it in my pocket, but I must have laid it on the back of the 4-wheeler and then it slipped off when I took off herding some lambs into a pen. Last spring I offered to pay my nephews $20 to the first one who could find Aunt Sue's camera in the pastures. They looked for hours and couldn't find it. Nanc found it in the winter, and the card is still just fine. The camera, not so much. I buy cheap cameras for this reason. I'm on my third since we moved here. Hope yours is okay!

Lisa said...

The funeral is on wednesday. Its dead.

Anonymous said...

Your killing me. Just reading your older entries.