Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Do's

This is where I write most of the time, watching the pitch black world of the early morning come to life in brilliant technicolor. This is where I eat, think and where I make my to-do lists.

You do not want to see my to-do list. If you did you'd run away screaming, and you definitely would think this farming thing is for the birds. The list is important to me but sometimes I feel like I spend so much time writing it I could have gotten three things done.
The most recent list is a particularly long one even to my standards. I at least have the tasks divided up into months: January, February, that should help. Every day I try to 1) prioritize 2) by the end of the day mark at least two items off the list. 3) make sure I leave room to write, take a walk or have some non-work thing to do. Knitting would be on my list but I have no idea how, Maybe I should ask Denise if she would mind teaching me :) (that's a hint Denise) (hee hee)
But anyway..... part of my day is spent trying not to get overwhelmed. Somedays are easier than others and often projects take days if not weeks. In the restaurant biz, you have a prep list. Its simple; you chop, dice and cook and then by the end of the day your done. Immediate gratification. I have the kind of list that most days does not offer me that immediate gratification, but I can tell you when it does its a jump for joy kind a response and elation beyond measure!

Today, aside from normal chores, I'm cleaning out the barn, making room for more hay, going to the dump, and seeing what I can find under the crop covers in the garden. After that is recipe testing and by default dinner. I'm going to make Avogolemino a Greek rice/lemon soup, Spanikopita, and Dolmas; stuffed grape leaves.
It's gonna be a good day!


Linda said...

Fill in those triangles, sweetie! :)

Lisa said...

you are so funny!:)

nanc said...

I need to write things down more instead of keeping them in my head. I admire your organizational skillz!

Sue said...

You're the farmer I want to be when I grow up!

Denise~ said...

Organizational skills are mighty things!

Do you have a nice red pen to strike items off your list when finished? Or do you rip them up at the end of the day if all is done? THat feels goooooodddd.

BTW my accounting program is open behind the internet page, and a Nina Simone DVD is playing in the background. I'm calling this multi-tasking.