Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tilted moon

I looked up to the night sky, black and full of bright stars. The moon just a sliver turned up like a cup. In front of me a huge beautiful bonfire roared warmth into the cool air and moments before was joined in song by Kasey playing his fiddle. Now the three of us sat with plates on our lap that contained Pork and Green Bratwurst that Linda and Kasey cooked on sticks over embers and roasted potatoes and spinach frittata I had made earlier. Our glasses full.

The fire represented so much to me as I stared at the bright coals and licking flames. We talked about getting ready for spring and all of the opportunities that just lay ahead. The fire was a cleaning fire. Literally and metaphorically. We started it to burn small pieces of scrap wood that couldn't be re-used, paper feed bags, and whatever else we could put in there within reason. But now the fire was burning away concerns from the past. mistakes, follies, all being offered and taken by the fire. Moments like these keep me aware of why I live this life.

Yesterday couldn't have been a more beautiful day, perfect for evaluating the winter garden, deciding what rows would be tilled in and what rows would be protected. Then to fencing. getting the south line stretched with field fence. There were so many moments yesterday that I stopped and said to myself . This is why I do this.

Linda and I worked on the fence until we couldn't see any more, the sun fully down. We were close to being done and decided to finish up the rest before she has to go to work in the morning. From the distance we could see the big bonfire Kasey was managing and we could hear his fiddle, and the occasional hoo hoo hoooot. from the hoot owl over by the three ponds. This is why I do this.

Walking back from the pasture looking at the night sky. My bank account nearly empty but I felt like the wealthiest person in the world.

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Lost City Denise said...

True wealth has nothin' to do with money. I look into the face of Hillarey or Chris and I feel extremely wealthy and even over-compensated.