Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today, I'm up. Palms sweating. My stomach is in my throat. Cant quite get my hair right and I don't know for sure if this natural deodorant is going to hold. My shirts too loose and my pants too tight, My left foot keeps tripping me and I have gas!

I'm giving a talk today at OSU's Seretean Wellness Center (this is where I work PT) The talk is for Wellness Wednesday a lecture series we offer once a month on subjects mostly based on nutrition. My talk is on what I call the Sustainable Kitchen. I'm excited about the subject and more than willing to let it flow but talking to a sold out house of 120 people seems a little overwhelming. I have lots of pretty pictures though. Mostly I'm afraid of making a complete babbling fool of myself and scaring people away from even attempting to bring sustainability to the kitchen.
But I'm going to do this.
I'm gonna keep it simple. Three points: Eat well. Know where your food comes from, Eat and cook with joy.
Joy has been left out of the sustainability conversation for way too long. Hear me now. Joy should be the center of the sustainability conversation period.

So if my talk is any good and I don't get boo'd off the stage I'll share some of it here. Let you be the judge.
Wish me luck and .......grace and that I don't let one rip in the middle of the grow your own demo.


the Laugh Lady said...

You did great! I'm glad we have this blog to continue the conversation!

Tracy said...

[insert Joe Biden expletive]! How do I get on the mailing list for these things? I would have loved that!!

dogsrnice3 said...

I was there and loved your talk. I was the lady that "won" the first carton of eggs! My husband is retired and we have a small farmers market garden where we practice sustainable farming techniques. We have compost piles, cold frames and a hoop house and are having a ball in our "old age". Thanks for spreading the warnings about CAFOs. I do believe that most people would make better choices about where they buy their food if they just knew where it came from. (You can follow my blog at
Nancy Stevens

Vicki said...

Joy! Joy! JOY! You rocked the crowd :) Keep sharing your "simple" message, Lisa!

Lost City Denise said...

My first thought as I began reading your post was that you were excited because Linda was coming home! bwwhwaaaa

Yes!!! Bring JOY into the forefront!

I wish I could have been there to see and hear your talk! Can I get on the list with Tracy??

Stephen said...

Hey Bibi, if you did let one rip they'd just rename it the "blow your own" demo. No harm, no foul! :)