Friday, March 12, 2010

The buds are noticeable now on the large black jack oak in front of our porch. I've been keeping my eye on it noting daily progression. Last year the oaks began to leaf out slowly on March 20th then April 1st it snowed. And the year before there was terrible hail that ripped the new leaves right off the branches. Go figure. I have to look back in my journals to the previous year to help me believe that things really do start growing and turning green. After the winter we had its hard to see anything else. I just read through last years journal- March 12 until April 29th. Kasey started March 13th! His one year anniversary is tomorrow!

I tend to start my Journal entries off with; first, the date, then the time and then the current weather and then the forcasted weather and then the weather yesterday. I'm totally OCD at it now. Which I am grateful for because it helps me gain perspective or something.... or it just helps nurture my OCDness. I dunno I think its worth something. Carry on....Then I launch into yesterday; what happened? who did what, then I make plans for the day and then I work on the tough stuff like all the crazy shit happening in the world. I rant, save the best for last. I figure by time I get to the ranting I'm ready to stop journaling and It wont matter anymore.

I'm really happy to read my journal from last year because I see that in spite of all the tough stuff going down I still wrote about the trees budding out and the grass changing color before my eyes. It gives me hope. It reminds me that life is always bigger than me and I need to be reminded of that quite frequently.

Along with the black jack oak buds, tufts of green grass are coming out of hiding. The big field is plowed and almost ready to plant and the smaller plot is planted, lettuce, arugula, turnips, radish, green onion, sweet onion, garlic, beet, carrot, chard. In the greenhouse sprouts of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, chard, a ton of different Asian greens, eggplant, tomato, pepper, and head lettuce is growing getting ready for that day of transplanting. OK I don't know about you but that just gave me goose bumps!

Next week the call is for some nice weather! I have to remind myself of the April hail storms and damaging winds, torrential downpours etc. so no to run out and plant to hastily. A wise woman once told me "early birds..... usually plant twice". "don't be in a hurry" she told me. That was my big sister so i best pay attention.

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