Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sometime you got to start over

The first thing I do when I wake up is check the temp in the green house. Then I head out to the barn to check for new lambs. This morning at 5:50 am, the green house temp read 27 degrees. That cant be right? Acuweather says its 30 out, with two heaters going how could it possible be below 30. I tredge out to see what the problem is. I step into a mud puddle slightly crispy with a thin layer of ice. OK 30 degrees out, I buy it. I walk into the green house and no hum from the fan that blows between two layers of plastic, no quiet buzz from the heater. Its silent. Upon realizing this I know. Today I start over.

I checked my tomato seedlings. Frozen. The cabbage and brasicas all look unfazed and are not frozen. but the tomatoes most likely are dust. Just for the sake of doing it though I water them. It hopes that if they do come back they wont be killed by frost when the sun hits them. But most likely I'll be starting over.

But the great thing about this is I can! I have the seed, the soil and everything else I need, I'll just need a new way to heat the green house! Tomatoes might go out a little bit later that usual, but gosh darn it that's OK. There will be peppers and there will be tomatoes and lots of them.
This is the first year since I've lived here that I have not sold plants every spring, last year for myself and the years before that for the late Tomato Man. All I can say is THANK THE GOOOOD LORD! can I just tell you my stress level is like near zero.
So I'll start some new seed. count my blessings and move on.

Onions get put in the ground today. all the greens have been planted, radishes, turnips and potatoes hopefully this week to.
Just got a call from the post office "hey, you expecting a load of chicks?"
Yup. I'm off to go pick them up.

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