Monday, March 22, 2010

after the storm

I'm down with a cold. It took me on Saturday after a night of back and forth to the barn checking an a Doe who I was sure going to kid. The weather was cold and terrible. and for a while I just curled up in the barn next to Sugar and dosed off until my own shivers woke me up. She finally kidded yesterday at 2pm go figure.

Aside from the cold I'm feeling mowed over and bent, Last week was one of the more physically enduring weeks I've had in a while. We planted 250 pounds of potatoes and on Friday it was a race against the clock to get the last plantings in before the storm. I'll say like many I was not at all pleased to see the snow. Snow=mud period. It makes chores heavy and icky. But as I'm sitting here looking east I see the most beautiful sunrise, there is a rooster outside the window singing some tune I recognize, and I'm seeing blue skies all around!

There is something magical happening right now. Something completely profound. Spring, new life, new ways, new ideas, new experiences, new growth. I'm giddy with excitement thinking of the farm table dinners this summer. Breaking bread with familiar and new faces all in the name of food and our expression of its profound meaning in our lives. From the microbes in the soil to the sun. In spite of feeling like I have a bowling ball for a head I feel great. The sun will do it to me every time.
I'll post pics of the new ones later this morning.

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