Monday, March 15, 2010

Kids on the way!

It’s not a cold morning but I’m bundled up in my flannel jacket hunkered over my hot coffee. It’s around 47 ⁰ outside and 71⁰ in the green house. Sweet! It’s 65⁰ in the kitchen, which is completely acceptable but my preferred temp would be about 81⁰ which is an unacceptable number to set the thermostat on, so I’m told. I’ll be waiting for those warm summer mornings of coffee outside on the porch before the flies wake up. Soon I tell myself…soon.

When I finish this post and breakfast my world will then be centered completely around goats. From today until next January, goats will be the center of my world. Wednesday the first Kid will be born then two days later another, then two days later another, so on and so forth until all six goats give birth. I will be on my normal milking routine so by 6am I’ll be out listening to the beautiful sound of milk against the pale. I love that sound! Also today I am being gifted (Much gratitude to Nanc and Sue) two milk goats in milk. So officially I start milking tonight. I still have maybe two more ewes that look close to lambing, Lady left teat had two healthy boys day before yesterday.

Nate our new intern starts this morning. I always go through a plethora of emotions when someone new joins me in this crazy life, mostly because before I’ve tried as hard as I could to make it not so crazy which always made things worse. For example, I have been known to apologize profusely for the amount of rain fall or the hail. Like I, in some way am responsible for it. “Oh gosh, another rainy day, I am so sorry”. “We are going to have to work outside with our rain gear on and rubber boots I am so sorry” OK FREEKIN”KNOCK IT OFF!

This year is going to be different! I’ve grown a lot in the last 12 months, for the better I like to think. I feel much more focused and much more driven and much more at peace with everything in my life. I’m really looking forward to Wednesday and meeting all of the new members of our family. I especially can’t wait to drink a nice ice cold glass of goat milk and have fresh chevre on my toast in the morning. I can’t wait for kid kisses and the playfulness they bring to the farm, which this year I’m sure will be especially infectious.

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