Sunday, January 30, 2011

Waiting for the storm

I feel more prepared now than any other winter that I can remember. And I suppose complaining that our work hasn't been put to the test is probably not a good idea. But a storm is a brewin' Looks like after the 70+ degree days we've had Winter will finally rear its head. I've been waiting. Silently. Waiting to come face to face with the force that last year marked my very soul.

We have been blessed by the most amazing winter and in spite of the dryness its been relatively easy. Last year I was lugging five gal buckets of water out in a wheelbarrow to the sheep, mind you through mud and muck! My carhartts were a part of my daily wardrobe. We had purchased a flock of sheep earlier in the season and had no idea when any of them were bred so at anytime we would be hearing little high pitched lamb baahs and thawing out nearly frozen lambs at 3 am. It was a ride. Both of us had permarings around our eyes.

Yea, this year is a very different story. I'll take it. The situation couldn't be more different but one doesn't forget so easily. I don't so much have the survivalist attitude that I had in November but I'm definitely gun shy. I know better than to say bring it on. So I'll just wait. I'll spend today making sure all is storm worthy and wait. I sure wish I had that wood burning stove. someday.

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