Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I hold my warm coffee cup wrapped in my chilled hands like the face of an old dear friend whose arrival has been anticipated for weeks. Bringing my face close I breathe in. Ahh, such a beautiful scent and the taste like a healing nectar. Just what I need this very moment. I feel the warmth and smoothness of the cup. I notice its shape, color and weight. I love this cup. Coffee tastes better in this cup than any other. I take my first sip sucking air through my mouth to cool the coffee just enough not to burn my mouth. The first sip is the best.

I repeat this ceremony daily and never tire of it.

My life is filled with routines like this, I’m like the goats in this way where I have a deep appreciation, desire and demand for regularity. Farming however often doesn’t allow such things like expectations so I pick and choose my routines carefully. The Journal, the cup of coffee and the morning and afternoon chores. That’s as regular as it gets. In between these things contains a plethora of inevitable surprises. No rain means no chisel plow. Too much rain, no planting. The list of possible changes to the plan is long. Anything can happen and usually does.

I’m leaving for a few days. Visiting my family in Seattle. Linda and I actually get to go away together the second time in two years! We have a more than capable farm sitter and other than the snow forecast the day we leave the weekend weather seems to be nothing to raise my cackles over. I’m looking forward to the break and stepping briefly out of my farmy ways for a weekend of northwest flavor. I’m looking forward to seeing my family, the smell of salt air and stuffing my face with as much salmon, crab and oysters I can. I plan on catching up on some eating. Okay. I am excited!

I’m excited to show Linda Seattle through my eyes, which is really my stomach. I have a list of all the places we’ll eat, some just little fish and chip places, hole in the walls. These tend to be the best places. Friday night Sea Garden, crab with black bean sauce and longevity noodles, geoduck. Can’t wait! Pho for breakfast at Pho hoa in the Intl. district, then lunch at the pike place market grill. Then second lunch somewhere, then back to Intl. district for dinner. Yum! I am getting hungry just thinking about it!


Lost City Denise said...

Sharing the places you love through your stomach is the bestest way!

Have a great trip you two!

Lone Star said...

Scramble at Voula's?!
Eat well, travel safe.