Thursday, January 27, 2011

The closest I've gotten

My fingers are shaking as I write this post. My stomach is in a twist and my heart doesn't know weather the sink into my stomach or jump out of my chest. My mind is racing my knees are weak. This is the closest I've come yet to the dream of making cheese legally for sale off the farm.

Yesterday I visited what years ago was a grade A cow dairy. Its 20 minutes from the house. All the tanks etc are long gone. the make room is empty except for floor drains all the plumbing, electricity. Cement walls, floors, lots of windows. The actual parlor has three stalls for cows. This place in its day must have been absolutely a dream. The family who will remain anonymous right now, stopped because kids were gone and milk prices tanked so they sold everything and now have been using it as a storage room.

They know my product well and are really supportive of this going forward. Now there will obviously be some up grades I will need to make. There is no bathroom, and its a lagoon septic system. But... the room, the drains, the plumbing, the electricity for this size of equipment.

where do I start?!:

Calling the dept of ag dairy div
pricing out equipment
pricing out the upgrades
making a plan
looking for money
starting the work on the plant
getting the licencing
designated vehicle
making cheese
selling cheese

So at first I would start small. grow steady and smart.

Is this really happening?

Do you know what this means?

could this really happen?

Could you buy my cheese instead of fish bait at the farmers market?

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