Friday, January 28, 2011

So here we are

First I talked to Frank Brucelle from Dept of ag. dairy div. He is not the Frank I needed to talk to, but it was nice to meet him. This Frank does the testing of milk and dairy products. I really enjoyed talking to him and he was very encouraging. He gave me the other Franks phone number and I also had a good 30 minute conversation with him too. Lots of information. Then Frank gave me the number to the inspector who would be the one most likely in my county, so I called him. At this point my phone was really hot against my face. I thought I should give it a rest, but I couldn't I needed to finally talk to the person who would actually come to the dairy and if my hopes and wishes came true give me the encouraging guidance I would need to get this thing going.

I learned there are only 4 inspectors in the whole state. They are spread very thin. But because so many dairy's have closed up and not too many seem to be opening, so far probably not a stretch. So I told him everything. We got a little stuck on the word micro dairy and there was a concern that micro equipment may not be on the acceptable list of equipment. And he also apologized for his ignorance but he just didn't have a lot of hands on with this micro dairy stuff but he would do his best to help me.

So, He's going to come out and look at the place in a couple of weeks.
By then I should have a preliminary list of equipment I'll be using and be able to at least get some idea of what I am dealing with. I already know I'll need to put a bathroom in, and a small septic.

I'm excited but I feel calmer than I did yesterday. I've decided this is nothing to rush into. Its going to be business as usual around here and the research will be detailed and methodical. This is not going to happen tomorrow. My best bet would be next year. I don't know. But I am going forward and again this is the closest I've come. It does seem like it will be a difficult road. One I'm not entirly sure I'll be able to get to the end of.

All is well on the farm front. Starting to get everything ready for kidding in a few weeks and really hoping for rain. The list of to-dos is long and overwhelming to me right now. I remind myself, one thing at a time. Prioritize.

I have a hen in the house who was mauled by the pups. Her back is raw, so I've been keeping her inside tending to her wounds. She's doing great and by all appearances she's going to make it. She probably wont ever grow feathers on her back again, but she has a good attitude and even laid an egg. She should be ready to go back out in a couple of days. It was a training moment. Ugh!
feeling a little bla today. hope my spirits lift a bit.

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