Thursday, December 16, 2010

There are few times that the farm is quite. Mostly in the afternoon around 2pm. When it’s quite you notice. There is always so much happening here, between the 200 clucking hens and the several crowing roosters, bleating sheep and goats, barking or vocal playing dogs, crows, hawks and geese, ducks, and the flapping of green house plastic in the wind. This farm can be a really noisy place. Yesterday was one of those quite times. I don’t know how long it lasted. It was noticeable enough to stop me in my tracts on the way to the barn where I found myself just standing there listening at the quiet. It almost felt like a brain massage. Ahhh. So nice.

Sometimes, several days go by where I don’t leave the farm. I can honestly say I never feel lonely. Or board. I get going on projects and jobs with the garden or with the animals and the days just speed by. Now that things have slowed down a bit I can savor my projects and don’t feel the need to rush through them. I must say that is a brain massage. Ahhhh, so nice. Yesterday was one of those great euphoric farm days. In every way I savored it, down to the rodeo the day started out with while loading lambs. Let’s just say we had a break out and by the grace of (fill in the blank) we managed to get the ones we were taking loaded up.

Oh, one of those projects I had was puppy proofing. So, you may have read before that we are the proud new owners of two livestock guardian dogs, however they are 6 weeks old right now. Let me just say they are the cutest things I’ve ever laid eyes on. They are adorable! But I didn’t have the area they were supposed to be in with the kids and lambs puppy proofed enough so they spent a lot of time on the porch looking for us and we spent a lot of time trudging them back to their pen. But I finally got it nailed yesterday and they haven’t gotten out yet. I’m trying to follow the correct way to raise livestock guardian dogs and will have them in with five lambs. I won’t bore you with the details but it takes a lot of commitment from the owner to let the dogs bond with the sheep and not the round heads (people).
But aren’t they cute!


rachel whetzel said...

I would love to know what reading you have done and where in regards to your LGD puppies!! I'm very interested in getting some, and would love to have an idea of where to START!!

Lisa said...

reachel, I chose pyraneese because 1) they are easy to come by where I am at 2) they are affordable 3)they are friendly toward humans and children.4) they do a great job hands down. I found this great web site. I cant pull it up right now but I'll try to send it too you. It goes through all the breeds and decribes their strenths and weaknesses. Hope this helps.