Thursday, December 23, 2010

giving in

Yesterday was a perfect winter day. cold. Light winds. There were many ducks on the pond, birds singing and chirping like it was Spring or something. List-less, I went about my day. I hung out mostly in the green house because it was eighty degrees in there and I weeded with the lightest T-shirt on I could find. I kept an ear out on the road because I was expecting deliveries;propane, hay. The chickens got my weedings and clucked and scratched about them happily. Fresh green stuff!

I missed my list.

Neurotic was suggested to me over dinner when I was explaining how much comfort a list gives me. Actually most of the day I was trying to figure out why I should not write a list and have time to rest also. Like eating my cake and pie at the same time, or however that saying goes. That cannot possibly be a bad thing. Cake and Pie and all the eating! That sounds like heaven to me. I'll have another piece!

I mean who am I trying to fool here. This is a farm. There is never a time when a list is not needed. So much goes on here, things must be noted down. A hay feeder that needs a new screw. A shelter that needs to be moved. I mean come on the work never ends. Why should I feel bad about that and try to pressure myself into "relaxing" I mean what is that?

So this morning after my normal journal entries I wrote a list! I even put time lines to the tasks so I could see if I could get most done with in a reasonable eight hour day. Oh the pleasure and satisfaction that brought! like thumb sucking! (i quit that a long time ago, but I remember).
However I'm actually a few minutes late for my first chore. So already I'm running behind. Oh the joy!

Rain is likely tomorrow and the possibility of snow. I want to enjoy Christmas Eve with not a worry in the world.
For those of you who celebrate Christmas I hope you have a wonderful day full of love and the spirit of Jesus. For those of you who don't I'll see you at the movies!


Lone Star said...

You know, Santa makes a list. And he checks it twice!

Lisa said...

thanks for that!