Wednesday, December 22, 2010

hung up

The only thing that's going right now at the farm is the high tunnel and my CSA. For the time being the garden is dormant, the sheep are eating, the goats are dried up, the chickens are doing what they do which is mostly eat, same with the chicks, and the farm is for the most part resting. A load of round bales comes today and the propane company and that's what I have to look forward too. Oh and the peace and quiet.
Actually. I'm absolutely stir crazy! I don't know what to do with myself. I worked in the green house for a couple of hours and came in and started looking at my list which only had a couple of things on it. So I sat and stared at the computer like I was waiting for it to tell me what to do. I cleaned, I surfed the Internet and I basically looked around for things to do. I didn't fold laundry. I should have but I didn't.
I set the alarm for 6am this morning and woke up at 4:50, both of us did. Wide awake. So I've got two weeks of this. Come January I'll get the onion seeds started and start getting some beds ready for the first planting. Two weeks of "vacation" sort of. So whats my flipin' problem. I don't know how to relax? I feel guilty some how.
Well today I'm going to practice relaxing. After chores I'll leisurely do some light weeding in the green house and maybe after I'll bake some bread and start working On the Living Kitchen farm table dinner cookbook. That sounds kind of fun to me. Instead of sitting at my desk I'll sit in the chair next to the heater with some tea. That will make it less work like. And I might, if I feel like it read or take a nap. Oh and I'll take a walk. I'll do some yoga and practice some breathing. I am not making a list! even though I sort of just did.
I might need to go into town and sit at the gas station and watch TV. No need to try to get all this in on one day. I have TWO WEEKS!
I will fold laundry today.

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