Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a day in the life of my pants

The Carharts are back in my wardrobe mix and am ever so grateful for them. I’ve had em’ now for some years and the leg cuffs are getting a bit tattered. Now, they are clean for the most part but stained by a list of things that may not be appropriate to write about in great detail this early in the morning, especially if you’re eating breakfast. But let’s just say these things not only have character they tell stories of cold nights in the barn helping a ewe or a doe along while she struggles to have birth. Or the 2am January shower with a nearly frozen new born lamb then the blow dryer. The knees tell a story from soil stains from cold spring mornings in the field taking soil temps and the softened fabric from long walks on the snowy paths throughout the farm. I feel a little attached to them.

The mornings have been difficult to get out in, regardless of the carharts, I stretch it. I have breakfast, I do paperwork, and I return phone calls and e-mails and basically procrastinate the heck out of it. The sheep are literally screaming at me to bring them alfalfa, to break the ice on their frozen water. They have a schedule, hello. They know just what window to look in angrily as I peer out assuring them I will be right there. Frankly I hate the cold. I love the hot sweaty summers. 105 no problem! 35 oh gosh no! But I have no intention of moving to the tropics so I’ll just have to tough it out.

Now that I’m ready for winter as far as the farm goes I’m kind of looking forward to a little time snowed in. I hope I didn’t just hex myself! But there is a part of me that would really like to be forced to stop, to rest. Each day I busy myself with a list I can’t possible complete, I take a short break for lunch and I’m back at it. Before I know it its evening chore time then dinner then bed. If I haven’t made a significant dent in the list I feel lazy. Slow. I hate to have to transfer yesterday’s items onto today’s list. It’s the ultimate failure. There are two things that stop me and that is snow or ice or being sick. I don’t get out much so this reduces me catching a cold, unless Linda brings one home with her but I would prefer not to go that route. Gosh I totally just hexed myself didn’t I?

Today I just have a few things on my list. They might take a while. I’m the expectant mother of 100 baby chicks that are scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning and I’m getting things ready to load up the lambs I’ll be taking to the processer in the morning. That’s really all I have scheduled for today. I realize that may be enough. It’s funny though I’m sure by the end of the day that list will have tripled.

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