Sunday, December 5, 2010

A sunday starter

So, I have this theory that if your feeling bad, like a cold, virus, bacterial, mood swings, depression, digestion issues and so on and you want to feel better. Start with what your eating. So me, if I'm not feeling tip top, I look first to my diet. What have I been eating? If its digestion issues I look at the inflammatory foods like if I'm eating too much wheat, and grains, too much bad fat. If its mood swings I look to sugar in all of its forms, again wheat, grains, nuts. I try to allow my body to tell me whats up. If I quiet myself for just a few minutes and listen It becomes pretty clear. The truth is, there has been some not so tip top feelings in this home, so its time to take a look.

So my meals for the next several weeks are going to be focused on healing rather than maintenance. We're going to make sure we are really paying attention to our immune system, digestion and overall well being. You know I'm all about the traditional diets that the Weston A Price foundation talks about. Food in its purest natural form. I can easily get my mind around this. Home grown, or local, pure clean food. No preservatives, no fake stuff. Nutrient dense. Ahhh!

I figured the best place to start is with Sunday breakfast. So here are sweet potatoes browned in a small amount of coconut oil, with sliced onion, garlic and boc choi from the hoop house. Two farm raised fried eggs in coconut oil and a small amount of red sea salt. I must say it was incredible!

For lunch A papaya and home made goat milk yogurt smoothie

Dinner; Grilled rib eye steak from Blakley family farm, sauteed beet greens and chard.

Included in this Sunday eating delight is also a long walk on the farm. I love Sunday's!

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