Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dried up and the maybes

This time of year the goats milk production goes down substantially. We still have just over two months until kidding and two months is the time that the we dry the girls up. That just means we gradually just stop milking them. Mostly they dry themselves up. I thought we would make it until after Christmas but no deal the girls were only giving us a few quirts. This means that we don't milk until kidding so we get a little milk maiden vacation. Kind of nice. But it also means no milk. We love their milk. So its a bitter sweet story.

So I have several cheeses that are aging for my CSA and other than that I'll be buying raw cow milk from Judy @HLA to have in my coffee, drink and make yogurt. When I cant drink my own I go see Judy.

So this is the time of year things really slow down. I can go to once a day now with feeding hay and grain, the chickens still need me. and don't forget the baby chicks so I'll still have plenty to do. But maybe now is time to start that reading list? maybe now its okay to keep the office a little more organized. Maybe I'll be able to keep up on laundry now. Maybe a couple more walks now and then. Maybe I'll draw or paint. Maybe more bread baking. Maybe a morning waking up after the sun comes up? Maybe a cleaner house. Maybe.....a vacation? A short trip to Seattle for a weekend? Both of us at the same time. Together?
Feb 19th Kids hit the ground! Lambing begins and the farm explodes with life. Maybe I could get some rest before then?

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