Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet Jr

This is Jr, Yesterday morning when I was blogging he was asleep on my lap. Right before I left for work in Stillwater I put him back out with mom hoping something would 'click'. Kasey called to tell me he had the wanderlust and was out wandering by himself again and I was sure I'd be sticking a bottle in his hungry mouth when I got home.
Much to my surprise when I did get home he was attached to moms teat! Yea! I checked on him several times and he and mom have been very very close. Thanks goodness a full night sleep.
All is quiet, another morning of peace. I wont get used to it.

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Sue said...

That lamb is adorable!!! Kinda wish you had dropped him off, but also glad he's back with Mama, the best of all options.