Friday, February 5, 2010

making peace with mother

Excuse me if I ignore the forecast for rain today, and forgive me if I refuse to acknowledge the snowflakes that might be headed our way, and beg my pardon if I seem not to notice that I’m covered knee high in mud. But I just don’t have time to pay attention to you, Mother Nature. Not now. Not when the green house needs to go up and seedlings started for spring planting. Not when lambs are born early and fields need plowed. I won’t be sitting at the kitchen table looking longingly for a ray of sunlight through the rain streaked window, elbows folded palms holding up my chin waiting for you to tell me it’s time to go outside. I won’t be holding a cup of hot chocolate between my cold palms watching you from a distance, even though it seems that’s what you’re asking me to do.
It’s me and you today Mother, I hope you don’t mind the company.


Lost City Denise said...

What a team!!!

nanc said...

Heck, how can I get some of your good attitude? Blech... someone should shoot that fat butt Puxatawny Phil!