Friday, February 19, 2010

Its a dog day

I haven’t written about my dogs Ginger and Cosmo. They sink back into the fabric of this place and I sometimes need to remind myself how incredibly important they are and what a huge job they have.
They are both Great Pyrenees/Anatolian mixes. They are extremely territorial and they have it out for the coyotes. These two do not stay with the goats and sheep like many Pyrenees are trained and expected to do. In my early farming ignorance I allowed them to bond with me rather than the live stock. They do protect the live stock but by creating a border around our farm that they guard with such dedication and commitment. We’ve not had an “incident” with coyotes, or any other predator and just the other day I saw Ginger running looking up in the air and barking a hawk out of a tree near the chickens. So even though they are bonded to me they share greatly in the responsibility of watching over the animals.

Ginger is the oldest I believe, five years old and Cosmo four. They were both gifts from my neighbor at the old farm, gifts that have kept giving. Ginger is the serious one and I mean serious. When she’s working nothing else exists. You can see the look on her face when she means business. Cosmo is more playful and enjoys his union breaks. Ginger is like his boss and keeps him working. But he is good for her because he talks her into setting some time aside to play. They love the cold weather, the colder the better. They roll and play and frolic in the snow like they were sweet little puppies. Then back to work.

They are wonderful with all of the animals including the cats. On cold nights ginger is found on the deck curled up on her bed with three or four cats snuggled up with her. She mothers everyone including me. They love people but have a real problem with strange dogs, big trucks and the brown UPS van. They like the drivers however so it’s the truck that needs to watch out. When Ginger has finally said all she can to a rouge truck, she pees on the tire. She pees like a male lifting her leg. I told you they are territorial you do what you have to, to get your point across I guess.

Anyway, I had a dream the other night and it was like I was seeing life through Gingers eyes. It was a powerful dream and it has stayed with me. As I recount the dream I realize I really need to thank Ginger and Cosmo more often for all the work they does around here, let them know that as they are looking out for everyone else I’m looking out for them. I see a treat in their very near futures.


Linda said...

I love that picture of Cosmo at the top. He looks so pleased with himself.

nanc said...

Our place would fall apart without our Big White Dogs! Your ode to the workin' dog was right on. Up to 11 lambs now, about 20% done :)

dz said...

Oh man for some reason this post made me tear up a tiny bit. :)

I love your blog! Keep up the good, hard work!