Thursday, February 18, 2010

hoo hoo.... magic bus

Nothing fell apart at the farm while I was gone for the day. Yesterday was just like another I was told. The goats played and napped and the sheep mostly grazed and napped. The sun was out so it was a real treat. I came home between meetings and fed. I spent a few minutes sitting out in the yard with the animals and watched the lambs play. Four of the most recent lambs were pal’n around together, investigating pieces of hay and bouncing back if it moved in the wind. It was more cute than I could handle and it was time to head out again.

One really good thing came out of my trek off the farm. On my way home from Stillwater I stopped at an auto salvage place. I’ve had this bright idea of having a big ol’ school bus as my hen house for my chicken tractor. So the bus would be gutted and I would put in nesting boxes and a roost. I could pull it from place to place with the tractor. It has no engine. I’d have to clean it out once a week but I could open all the windows in the summer and in the winter it would be cozy and warm, and safe from night predators. I dunno. I had a long discussion with Ed Whitehead the salvage guy and when I told him about the idea he got a sparkle in his eye. After hashing out all that could go wrong we both decided it will work perfectly and he’s bringing the bus over this weekend.

I’m thinking it might be a good opportunity to have a CSA hen bus painting party. We’ll need to name it of course so there may be prizes for the best name. I’m pretty excited! I guess that means I better order my chicks !


chelseyann said...

One of our Food Co-op producers had a similar idea. I think he even rigged up a garage door opener to the trailer door so he could let the chickens out from his bedroom!

Lisa said...

Great idea! I'll have to figure out a solar opener. I can just see it now. Coffee, journal, hen house opener.

Lost City Denise said...

OH my gods that's great!

Have you seen those solar brackets that open and close a cold frame? Check out the Peaceful Valley catalog.