Thursday, November 8, 2012

still rockin' it

I've been going like bat outa hell lately. Its like this sometimes, when several very big jobs need to be done at exactly the same time. Fall and spring are usually those times. Spring for the farm starts in February when lots of things get planted, goats start popping out babies, and the fight to stay warm is still on. But fall is the time to get the things done that are or might be impossible to do in the winter, things you want to have done.

So I've been tiling doing some repair work in the cabin, finishing up planting for winter, pulling greenhouse plastic, harvesting like a mad woman, trying to keep up on cheese production and finishing up the season come this weekend with the last private parties. Then after this weekend cutting wood like a mad woman, covering rows of vegetables to protect them from frost and a deep long breath. Then a book, legs stretched out in front of a sweet fire in the stove.

So after the hustle comes some well earned rest. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this. I'm looking forward not just to relaxing with a book in front of the stove, but writing, playing dominoes, drinking home brew, cooking on the wood burning stove, working in the sun warmed greenhouses. Winter walks in the woods, all that, its coming I know it is. Just a few more days this time next week.


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