Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The bees

Linda and I are the proud foster parents of a bee hive. Our friend Karen is actually its real mother, and does all the real work, we'll give them sugar water if they need it, and make sure the shade cloth is right but most importantly provide pollen for the bees to collect from all the blooms that need the bees assistance to produce food. Another quite obvious display of interdependence that I have been able to witness and be a part of.

These bees are very gentle, I had one land on my shoulder and just sit there. I braced for the sting but none came. It just flew off. When Karen (pictured below) started prying up the frames the bees seemed only a little put off. The smoker was going which helps of course but in general these bees are very mellow. So she took all the frames from the supper which were for the most part filled with honey that she will jar later. Pretty cool!

I might graduate some day to having my own hive. I've been intimidated by what seems to be an endless amount of knowledge and information one needs, so having Karen come tend to the hive has helped me gain a better understanding of what a hive needs.  She is indeed a bee charmer. I enjoyed watching her work. Her slow graceful movements seemed no different from the bees themselves. What a lovely gift this is.


Marie Wreath said...

Beautiful! We keep bees too, for the first time this year. Learning as we go, and bees are so necessary. What a beautiful addition to your sustainable farming! Ours are also super mellow, which is a welcome surprise. Good luck! I hope she shares the honey next year! xo

Lisa said...

Yes! Bees are really special people I hope to get to know