Saturday, October 20, 2012

a little farm update

It’s been a while since I posted. It seems like when the farm gets this busy, writing is the first thing that falls to the way side even though it’s almost just as important as breathing. For me, even though I know my writing often needs some serious help, it is a way to send things; experiences, joy and traumas away so they don’t keep rolling around in my head. It’s the pressure release valve. Just seeing words flow out also helps me think of things in a different way. Sometimes in just writing things down I come up with solutions and new ideas.

It’s like spring here. Fall is a very good growing season in Oklahoma.  When things should be dying and resting for winter I plant radishes, turnips, kale, chard, arugula, lettuce, boc choy, tatsoi, mustard and broccoli rabbe. It may be fall and it may be time to let go, let things die, sleep and rest but eating and feeding people is a driving force stronger than slumber. Even still, this time of year my internal calendar is slowing and letting go of the seasons before. It’s a quieter time, still very busy, but more reflective. 

Over the next several days the last of my planting will be complete. This will be the greenhouses that will be harvested in late December into March. I have a lot out in the field that will carry us until then. But planting will soon be over until February when it will begin again. Winter months are harvest months. Along with all that we are making steps to prepare for winter. Cutting wood has risen to nearly the top of the list, winterizing the yurt, the barns and generally making sure we are all, animal and human safe, warm and sound through a possible bad winter. 

We’ve had an excellent spring and summer, the best so far. The last of the farm table dinners for the season was last Saturday and along with a great relief that I survived it I’m also feeling a great sense of relief and excitement about the future. Like wow I just might be able to get good at this farming thing. But I know better than to test that theory. I’ll stay firmly planted in the beginners mind, more exciting that way!

This is the new greenhouse that I will be planting today. I’ve been a very busy girl!

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Bonny said...

Hi Lisa, Wanted you to know I really enjoy your writing and pictures. I look forward to your posts and when you're busy and tired and it's an effort to write, just remember there's people out there who care and are interested.
I'm a 51 year old nurse living on an acre in rural central Oregon. We have a little barn full of chickens and a nice size garden. This is all kind of new to me since my background is suburban track house living. It's work in progress with a lot of physical labor that is a stretch for me... it's rewarding though as you know. Keep up the good work. I'll keep watching for your posts.