Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For you love

Eat, nourish yourself with truth. Be free. Canonize your existence with the fervor of your breath. Breathe, you are alive, now take your soul and hold it tightly and say “dear, oh dear I love you so, oh dear I will love you till the time ceases to exist”.  Hold yourself tight because you will want to run from this knowing and this darkness of what you don’t, cant, will not know in proof, but yet must believe, I am going to be okay. Now feast. Feast like there is no tomorrow. Feast on your giving. Your listening, you’re questioning. Feast on your humor and your love of rusted artifacts and affectionate goats  and kissing llamas. Feast on your innocence inside your corrupted memories and experiences and pain. Feast in your loving and being loved. Feast.  Feast. Feast. There is plenty.I love you.

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