Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter rest

Getting back into the swing of things has been a little difficult. Bottle feeding babies 4 times a day, milking again, waiting for the rest of the does to kid, watching for lambs. Winter resting time is over! life is springing back with force and determination and I am desperately trying to keep up with it. These days I'm nothing short of dirty. Covered in birthing fluid, J-Lube, iodine, poop, the fluorescent orange kind from the colostrum drinking kids, as well as mushroom compost sweat and dust, a few chicken feathers stuck to all that. Its nothing I get sad about but I do appreciate a nice long hot shower at the end of the day.

This is the time of year I wake the muscles up and tell them its time to work. My arms, legs, back and even feet are well aware now that this isn't a joke, they are ON! Its also the time of year that I have to face the fact that I'm not 20 any longer. Last night I woke up to take some advil and before I fell back to sleep I thought to myself; Its time to pay special attention to how I take care of myself. If I want to be doing this for a while I need to be mindful of taking care of my body and my mind. I need to remember to drink water and eat and to sometimes wait till someone can be home to help me on a project rather than to try to do it by myself and hurt my back.

Days are long, they go by too fast. The sun starts peeking out from behind the trees now at 6:36 when its light the work outside begins; We Bottle feed the kids, hay everyone, alfalfa to the sheep, feed and water the chickens, feed and water the chicks, milk the goats, feed the dogs, feed the cats, clean all the milking stuff, clean out the milk parlour. By time we finish feeding everyone I could eat a horse myself. Then one last check see if anyone is ready to lamb or kid before heading out to the greenhouse or garden. From there its one task to the next; feeding kids, Lunch break, snack break in between. Then at 4pm time to start chores again; water everyone, grain the sheep, feed the chickens and chicks, collect eggs, alfalfa to the goats, bottle feed the kids, milk the goats, filter the milk clean the milk stuff, wash the eggs, make dinner, eat and crash!
I kinda like it.
a lot!


Andy Mooers said...

Good run down on living on a farm. Chores, work, dedication. I grew up on a Maine potato farm and both parents were very hard worked. None of the four kids have a lazy bone in their body because of it.

corderofarms said...

Great post! How close are you to finishing kidding? How many does will you be milking?

Lisa said...

Will be milking 14 does. Did them in groups this year to stagger a bit. first week in April the last four first timers are due and thats it. I guess lambing will start in March. :)