Friday, February 25, 2011


Just writing is taking everything I’ve got right now. I’m dead tired. It’s been a week! A good week but one that has wore me to my very core. So far 6 out of 13 goats have kid giving us 11, 5 girls and 6 boys. I slept with one on my chest last night Sofia is what we named her. She is the daughter of Sally, my first milk goat.

Sofia was born two days early. It happened when we were both gone and obviously it was a rough one because when I moved the both of them to a jug for more privacy and warmth Sofia laid down on her side and didn’t move. She was lifeless, shivering slightly and mouth luke warm. My heart sank. There was no way for me to know what was wrong. I administered all the normal things you do in a case like this and got very little to no response. I brought her in the house. Set her in the heat pad lined laundry basket and waited.

I fully expected to lose her. It happens occasionally, I understand this is part of what I do. But I really didn’t want to. I just could not give up hope. So Linda and I took turns holding her trying to breathe whatever life we could into her. About 8:30 that night she started to stir. She stood up and had a big long head to toe stretch. This was a miracle! Healthy lambs and kids stretch after waking, sick ones generally don’t. Linda held her and she started to show interest in nursing so I got a bottle ready. She ate it all!

Still very week she wanted to be held, when we would put her down she would scream and I mean scream there was nothing wrong with this girls lungs. So we held her. Not willing to put her outside quite yet, I put her in my arms and she slept with me. Yes I slept with a baby goat with me in bed. It wasnt the first and wont be the last time (I have potty pads) I got up twice to feed her. She was quiet and a pleasant bedfellow. I listened to her breathing the whole night and had my hand over her heart feeling the strong bump t bumps. In the morning she seemed like a normal goat kid. By mid morning it was time to put her out side with the rest of her sisters and brothers. I was so happy that she was healthy and strong but I felt a little sad because I had gotten used to her and I talking, well rather me talking and her squeaking in response.

Linda checked on her a few minutes ago and all is well. She’s curled up with the rest of the kids and everyone is warm. Tonight I sleep.

On a funny note, A small film crew came out today to tape an episode of ‘Cook Time with Remmi’, I was all dolled up with my hair up and mascara, clean clothes on even, and not five minutes before they arrived Dotty and Sugar were delivering yes, at the same time! Dotty needed a little help. Slimed again! I didn’t bother changing for the shoot. I did wash up real good for the record. Dotty had a beautiful spotted girl and Sugar two big beautiful boys. Linda stealthily removed the afterbirth seconds before we walked into the barn. So funny. There is a seriously gross side to farm life but we think it’s funny.

So far it’s been a quite night. No babies in the house tonight. I just finished up the cheese for the CSA drop off tomorrow and am ready for a restful sleep. There is just something so beautiful about having a little baby asleep in your arms. There is just something just so right about it. I love their smell, their breathing and their complete and utter trust in us. I’m honored.


Rachael said...

Wonderful story. Now I want a goat.

Paula said...

I may have to "sneak a peek" when I pick up tomorrow! :) Get some rest - both of you.

Teresa said...

Thank you for sharing. Brings back memories! Prolific, those cabras... and when they all birth at the same time, you have a big job making sure everyone is well. So sweet having a new baby with you all night.

Debbie Adkins said...

Sofia is beautiful! I can think of worse bedfellows.