Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The dinner!

The Like Water for Chocolate dinner was a success! I took such pleasure in every second of it from the beginning of last week in preparing the mole to the washing of the last dish. It was so incredibly fun. each night we had 20 guests the perfect number I thought. It was amazing we pulled the dinner off really. We were not able to get water to the cabin until 3pm on Saturday three hours before guests arrived. Thursday the well was completely frozen. And in spite of the winterizing that had been done early in the season, there were two broken pipes under the cabin. nothing could be done on Friday because we didn't know about the breaks yet, the cabin is in a very shady location so it takes a while to warm up. The well house is basically falling apart and there is no insulation under the house, so we waited. I made my to-do list of repairs and updates.

Linda repaired the pipes and water was flowing. Thank the stars! The funny thing is neither one of us freaked out or even considered not going through with the dinner, The cabin looked absolutely beautiful and two warm fires were aglow, lights were dimmed, candles lit, sauce simmering and all was well. Not to mention a lamb was born early Saturday morning "Tita" we call her after the main character of the book. After the dinners were over we just couldn't believe our luck the absolute grace we were granted.

I have wanted to do this dinner for so long and I am so very grateful it was so gentle and kind to me. What a great experience! The cabin is such a magical place, the Oakley's who built and poured their love into this building brought such life into it. Its an honor for me to continue this by filling the air with aromas of simmering sauces and braising meats and nourishing the guests who grace us.

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