Saturday, February 19, 2011

First kids of the season!

Yesterday around 4pm Teeny Tiny had triplets. You cant imagine my relief! Earlier in the day she was separating herself from the herd so I knew something was up. She wasn't due until today but she had dropped and I knew It would be sometime soon. She had me really worried, she looked incredibly uncomfortable and at one point was grinding her teeth which for a goat or sheep is a sign of pain. So I held her head and rubbed her cheeks and massaged her back. I went to finish some irrigation in the garden and told her I would be right back. 20 minutes later I came to check, and sure enough she was in labor.

I ran into the house and scrubbed my hands and arms, grabbed the birthing kit and went out. Linda was already in the jug and by time I got out there Teeny had twins one boy and one girl. She was cleaning them and they were beautiful. I checked her and a third was presented but only one hoof. I reached in and realized one arm was back and the head was tilted back. I reached in and pushed the baby back in and arranged him the best I could to get him out. trying to get the head right was difficult, but necessary so it just took a few tries and he was ready to come out. Boy did he, with a plop! Beautiful! All three kids and mother very healthy! Whew!

For the next several weeks its kid time 13 does are bred so its going to be very fun around here. Not to mention the 47 Ewes that are lambing too. Love this time of year. I don't sleep much but I love it.


corderofarms said...

You finally got a girl out of Teeny! Congrats :D

Lost City Denise said...

Awww look at those ears! Very sweet - very sweet.