Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teeny Tiny

Have I ever told you about Teeny Tiny? When she was just a little toot about four or five days old she was given to me by my mentor Judy Calvert of HLA acres. Teeny was very small and weak and needed to be culled. Judy knew I was new at this and just building my herd so a small little girl who needed extra attention wouldn’t be a problem for me. Teeny began to get weaker and at one point I thought I might lose her. She was so cute and when I say cute I mean hallmark card cute. But anyway I took her to my vet and we tried to trouble shoot the possibilities. Just out of the blue I said, “yea I pulled a tick off her year yesterday”. Bam! that was it! Dr Denham gave her a very strong antibiotic and very quickly she got better it was like night and day.

Teeny was little, much smaller than the average kid and she did need special attention. I made her a little pen in the mud room in the house although I will tell you here she slept in the bed with me… without any accidents! Then she moved to the closet and slept in there at night. I would wake up when I heard her little hooves on the wood floor and take her out side. We got real close. I remember lying in the green grass in the back yard, Teeny asleep and snoring on my chest. Teeny is the only one who has horns. I usually remove horns from all of the kids but I was afraid to put her through the stress of that so I let her horns grow and hoped she wouldn’t turn out to be a monster with them. But I figured if she was smaller than the rest of the herd the horns might come in handy. I wanted to give her some advantage. So finally and sadly Teeny Tiny was able to live outside with her other goat people. She fit in just fine and no one gave her grief. She’s made very close friends with Belize and Jewel and we still remained really close.

Teeny managed to grow out of her name and become a beautiful and elegant Doe. She is still very affectionate and loving. She is a wonderful mama and her kids are beautiful, although they have always been boys. She will be the first one to kid this season. She is due this Saturday. She aborted last year by an unknown cause; no one else had problems so a toxin was ruled out. It could have been anything, so this year we’ve been extremely nervous and watching her very closely. She is bagged up and defiantly ready to pop but I am very nervous. Teeny is my baby. She a 150lb baby and this spring she’ll be 4 years old but she’s my girl so I’m on eggshells till Saturday. I’ll be getting her birthing jug ready today because I had a dream she kidded early. I pay attention to my dreams.

So when you come to visit I want you to say hi to Teeny, she loves to be rubbed and scratched on her cheeks and she’s very used to kisses so don’t be shy.

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