Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some pics from snow storm

Now that the big snow storm is over I can finally enjoy it. Thought I would share some photos I took.
Pups had to spend a few nights inside with us during that -24

Ginger one of our guards, loves loves loves the snow.

I took this picture of myself on big red bringing out a round bale to the sheep, I believe in layering:)

Love you big red! (maya is leading me, way up ahead)

Maya helping us gather the Llamas, who are not exactly thrilled with the arrangement The greenhouses are under there!

Kali and his flock

The new flock on the block HAHAHAHA! acquired 2 days before the storm HAHAHAH!


You know this is fun and it is the best life ever but just for the record may I say in all honesty this is friking HARD!

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