Friday, October 8, 2010

A Mushroom Feast!

Tomorrow night is my annual mushroom forest dinner. For the past three years this has been increasingly becoming my most popular dinner, it actually sold out two months ago. I'll be cooking for record numbers again about 44 people and I'm feeling really on fire! in a good way!

The perfect menu, for the time of year and it also ends the farm table dinners for the season. Now I'll cook for private parties of eight or more only.

The first dinner next year will be in June and that will be the Garlic dinner. I'm actually getting ready to choose the varieties that I will plant based on my absolute 15 favorite heirlooms! Red toch, inchilium red, Burgandy etc... cant wait! the beds are ready and waiting. But lets talk about mushrooms. Here is the menu for tomorrow night
Crispy seared Lions mane mushroom tossed with spicy green salad, caramelized apple vinaigrette and sage crusted fresh chevre
Shitake and Butternut squash bisque
Black pepper fettuccine tossed with sautéed oyster mushrooms, caramelized onion,
roasted garlic and sage drizzled with black truffle oil.
Crab apple ice
Lamb and maitake mushroom stew with sweet potato mash and steamed Nameko mushrooms
Cinnamon Molasses cake with braised pears and Carmel cream
Special Thanks to Rich and Sharron Hewitt from Mushroom planet who grew all of the mushrooms specifically for this dinner!

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