Sunday, October 31, 2010

the 30 day challenge

Yes it’s here! The end to the 30 day challenge!!!

How’d you do? I think it’s fair to say the challenge has been different for all. It’s truly been an individual experience for everyone. I myself had many challenges, yea in spite of having a garden full of food, I found myself twice at the local Mexican food restaurant, I’m not being hard on myself but I was there because of poor planning. For me personally its mind over matter. I did really well with using left overs and reducing my waist. I did terrible at planning meals this month. All in all I was anything but perfect and I’m the one who called the challenge. I think the real challenge now is keeping face.

Really I wasn’t all that bad, two Wednesdays in a row I went to the Stillwater farmers market, I bought several bushels of different squashes and as many potatoes as I could buy, I had picked up a case of sweet potatoes and a bushel of green beans to put up at the last Brookside market, and purchased a ½ hog from Stephen Green (Pork and Greens) so my fridge and freezer is full with lots of local goodies. But what I’m craving is the space and time to cook, to cook in a way that is intentional and meaningful, but it’s been hard. October, I’ve been so busy cooking for other people I didn’t make good time for myself, and frankly just didn’t want to cook. I did of course but I was expecting more Martha Stewart moments.

It’s Sunday, the last day of the month and the first day of the rest of my life right? LOL !
November is going to be even better! Frankly it was a good primer for me.

Tell me your story, remember if you signed up for the challenge you could win dinner for two at our ‘Like water for chocolate’ Valentines farm table dinner. So tell me what happened. You’re not being graded for punctuality or writing skill (obviously), so just let it roll!

Send your short essay of 500 words or less to me by the strike of midnight tonight at The lucky winner will be notified by Tuesday November 2nd and their essay will be published on the blog
Good luck and thanks for coming along on this journey with me.

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